Scenario Blocks Limited in Character Count

Is there any way to increase the character count in a scenario block?  150-200 character limit is very frustrating.  I think if you give us the option of changing the font size and increasing our character count it would make it so much better.  A lot of my scenarios are technicians having conversations with customers, but the character count really limits me.  I can not do a lot of scenarios because of the character limit.  Please fix this!

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Karin Rex

While I hear -- and appreciate -- your frustration, if you are clever about chunking the conversations/text you CAN make it work over several slides. I have grown to look at the character count limitations as a way for Articulate to help us practice solid design techniques by NOT including too much text on a page. (I have successfully retrained my brain to look at it this way...LOL!)

Joe DeLong

Yeah, I hear you.  I have trained my brain for this as well because I do not have a choice, but it would be nice to have it bumped up to at least 300.  The replies are set at 150, and the questions are maxed at 200.  I think 300 for each would not affect the presentation in my opinion.