"Scenario" interactive template in Rise

Dec 30, 2021

Is there an option to remove the character from the Scenario template in Rise? I would like to use my own (staff) as part of my background image.

Also, if I am to design a background image for this Scenario template, what are the size specs?

Thank you!

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Luciana Piazza
Hi Koshi, 
Great question! I'd like to direct you to my colleague Crystal's reply in another thread where she discusses image quality in detail: 
For cover photos and other full-width images, it's best to use images where important details won't be lost from the edge as Rise 360 responds to different device screen sizes.For the best image output, we recommend using high resolution, quality images. If your images still appear blurry, you can opt out of the compression process for that particular image. Just add _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file. It'll upload and display exactly as you saved it. Keep in mind that file size limits still apply.
 If you have any other questions, please let us know!