SCORM report not reading Storyline interaction in Rise 360 course

Aug 25, 2023

Hello - 

I wanted to include a free-text survey question in my Articulate Rise course. Since this option is unavailable in Rise 360, I resorted to Quizmaker to make a free text survey. I imported this into Storyline and published it to Review 360.

Once uploaded into my Rise course, I published to our LMS and ran through the course, answering the survey question. I ran a report on Scorm interactions and there is no tracking of this response. Help, please!

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AMA Campus

Hello Veronica and Phil,

I'm replying to this conversation because I have the same issue.

I would like to track datas from a storyline quiz that I integrated as a block in Rise, but my LMS report me whether it is passed/completed or not.

Is there any development in this direction planned at Articulate?

Thank you!