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Rob Doran

With everyone here on this thread asking for a search feature in Rise, I am curious if people mean that they want to see a search feature that would allow users to search within a Rise course for a topic, or do they mean the abilty to search through your library of courses for a specific course title. Because while I could see both being valuable, the latter would be indispensable to me.

Since we've started using Rise in our online courses we've created so many, that scrolling through them all to find the one you want, when it needs a revision is quite a chore. I'm really surprised that this feature is not already available.

Cass Netzley

My understanding is it will allow a learner to search for content inside of a course, through all the lessons it might contain. Great for a learner studying or referencing material out in the field. Also great for quicker access to pertinent info when answering say certification prep questions. We allow learners to use courses during cert exams and search is a function they've become used to in the world of PDF's. I'm hopeful notes or comments (learner-based-- non Articulate Review solution) will come about as it's another show-stopper preventing us from moving completely forward with Rise as a production option. Some of the manuals we have transitioned into Rise came from content that was 300-400+ pages. Lot's of lessons, lot's of modules. 

However, if a flattened Rise course > PDF solution ever hit the roadmap and came to fruition.. search, note taking, and print needs (global audience, think China and other places w intense firewalls and VPNs) would all be taken care of to some degree. An enhanced and the fullest feature-rich experience would always be the online/HTML5 compliant option for learners viewing course.

Matt Cherry

Really interested in the search feature too. I'm starting a new project that Rise will be perfect for, other than the lack of a search feature. Search is a requirement for the project, so I'm hoping i'm not taking too big of a risk by guessing that it'll be implemented by the time my project is complete (a few months from now). Fingers crossed....

Mihajlo Zelenkovski

Countdown started yet? This feature was asked for more than a year ago, can you imagine disappointed users of Rise waiting for sooo long? So many projects on pause ..... come on people we need this basic feature.....any serious tool have search....how many days left to the launch please? Also is it planned to be working only on courses hosted on your platform or also for the ones that are downloaded and hosted on 3rd party servers?

Ronny Salmeron

Just echoing everyone’s concern on the delay of this feature. Although it may seem like a basic rollout, I know software development requires an intense amount of QA/QC (similar to our eLearning development and roll out process). I’m looking forward to it and I hope the search feature gets released very soon! 

On another note, I think adding an AUDIO (a mic) icon as an option next to your lesson titles would be a good one. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all

We’re still working on a search feature for Rise courses in conjunction with several other highly requested Rise features. As a result, the timeline for search has slipped a bit.

We'll share an updated ETA for the search feature here as soon as we have one. Please bear with us as we work hard to meet all your needs.