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Nov 12, 2016

Hi there

I can't see an option to search a Rise course. Could this be added?


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Kelly-Anne Slatton

Hi Ashley,

I don't mean to be rude, but we've been "bearing with y'all" for over a year on this particular request, and were told it would be available within 90 days, and now 90+ days is up and you're telling us actually JK we have no idea. You have to have some kind of ETA on things and we have all repeatedly asked for access to the project timeline roadmap. We all understand this info is fluid and ever changing, but it gives us some idea on how to plan our projects bc at least we know if we have to totally scrap something if a feature just isn't going to make it in time.

Can you at least tell us when you will have an ETA?

Parkland Corporation

Articulate has been great with the E-Learning Heroes forum, staff answering questions, and supporting users, but as I know from my own web/programming development, it's so tough sticking to timelines. Basically, they shouldn't give a definite ETA date on features unless it's already in a Beta release, because even through development and Alpha phases, timelines often get pushed for a multitude of business reasons.  I totally empathize with this, but users will get upset when actual dates are mentioned (90 days) and not met.

Instead I think you should list which features you are working on in each quarter and a tentative release as I know this is all in your development plans.

That said, I'm stoked to see the RIse search and download course text features!


Jose Velasquez

Another vote to get this feature into Rise. It would be awesome for our learners on mobile devices to quickly find a topic (or lesson) without having to scroll through a course. While ctrl + f works great in Chrome, it's kind of clunky and doesn't quite work unless you've clicked in the sidebar before searching. I hope the search feature comes to light. I put in a request for it. 

Winnie Leung

+1 on the need for search feature in Rise.

After reading through this whole thread, I was excited to learn that a search feature was on the road map. Would love to know when we anticipate this as currently, our organization is creating a more self service and on-demand learning experience. Search features within Articulate Rise would definitely help with this. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

We’re still working on a search feature for Rise courses in conjunction with several other highly requested Rise features. As a result, the timeline for search has slipped a bit.

We'll share an updated ETA for the search feature here as soon as we have one. Please bear with us as we work hard to meet all your needs.

Julia Vogel

Hi Ashley,

I think we can all see how hard you guys are working and how serious you take our requests. Thank you for that! This isn't taken for granted and you are light years ahead in that area compared to others. :)

And also from me +1 for the search feature. I think a lot of people can relate that explaining why Rise hasn't got a search feature to management and that we cannot just "program" one by ourselves is pretty hard to do. Especially given that there are search features everywhere in this day and age. :)

Can you give us an update on the timeline - at least a broad one? I will have to launch a project in September that absolutely needs a search function and it would be SO easy and great in Rise.

Greetings from Germany!

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