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VET Shared Learning

Hi - we work with many Rise authors and are also interested in this feature. When will it be implemented? We have just received a request to send copies that would involve over 100 files. Not only is that a large amount of mouse clicks (not good for the arm) it is also requires quite intense concentration to ensure no files are missed as there is no send history.

Halvard Moe Krogstad

Hi, I also request this feature. It's a bit embarassing when a new person who needs access to several modules gets 50+ emails, aside from the sharing itself taking forever as others have stated.

Would be rather nice to be able to put multiple modules in folders and then make the whole folder shareable, with all its content. Hope it gets added! :-)

Eric Santos

Hi, Pam and everyone else!

We are excited to share that we have released Rise 360 Team Folders! You can now create shared team folders in Rise 360 to organize your content and share content with collaborators even faster. We know this has been a popular feature request, and we can't wait for you to finally check it out! 

Your Rise 360 dashboard will look slightly different but don't worry. You can find all of your content, personal and shared, in the My View section. If you run into any snags or have additional questions about Rise 360 Team Folders, our team is available in this discussion or a support case.