Sequencing Rise Articulate Courses

A client wants to split one larger course into two sections. Proceeding to section 2 is dependent on passing the end of section 1 quiz. 

The client has their own LMS. A third party (who will host the course) will send them connectors when they have registrations. 

I have been informed by the third party who will administer the SCORM connectors to the client that the logic for completion criteria should be in the Rise Articulate SCORM package. The team that created the Rise SCORM package said this needs to be administered/managed by the client in their LMS who will receive the SCORM connectors.  

So my question is: Where does the work need to be completed to ensure a learner has to pass Section 1 before proceeding to Section 2? a) SCORM Package b) client's LMS c) LMS that will host our course / administer the SCORM connector?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Darren, thanks for sharing some details about your setup!

From my understanding, this will be one large course split into 2 sections. To clarify, Rise 360 can only track the completion of 1 quiz at a time. If you only want to track the 2nd quiz score, you would just need to set and Require a Passing Score to Continue for the 1st quiz section in the course. As long as both sections are part of the same course built in Rise 360, there shouldn't be a problem.

Please see Rise 360: Quiz Settings and Rise 360: How to Report Completion and Success Statuses to an LMS

If you need to track both quiz scores from section 1 and section 2, while also making sure they pass the 1st section, this needs to be administered by the LMS who will host and connect the courses in the LMS.  Hope that clarifies things for you.