3rd party access to SCORM package

I've just had a course authored in Articulate Rise as a SCORM package. I'm going to host this on our LearnDash LMS. 

3rd parties such as trade associations, training companies or larger clients are interested in selling the course or offering it to their employees. 

I realise SCORM is standards-based so assuming the 3rd parties LMS is SCORM compliant how can I give the 3rd party access to the  SCORM package? I'd like to keep the SCORM package on our LMS.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Karl Muller

Hi Darren,

If you want to keep the SCORM course only within your own LMS, you would have to handle the administration for all the 3rd party learners, as they would be taking the course in your LMS.

Typically in this type of situation, 3rd parties come to some purchasing or licensing agreement with the course creator, and you give them the SCORM to host on their own LMS.

Darren Coleman

Thanks for this Alyssa but I'm looking for something more concrete/specific. For instance, is there any functionality within Rise that can give me the ability to prevent the 3rd party from showing my content anymore? For instance, they may not be paying so can I turn the SCORM package off, even if it's hosted on their LMS? 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Darren, if you publish a Rise course as a SCORM file, that file contains everything needed for the course, and learners can continue to take it even if you have canceled your Articulate 360 subscription. There is no longer a connection once you've uploaded your content to an LMS. 

That being said, here's a way to create a soft restriction:

You can try using an Embed Block or link out to something such as a Google Form that you have control of, at the start of the course. Then add a Knowledge Check and Continue block after the form that requires a confirmation word or specific answer.

  • You would need to add a "Fill in the Blank" knowledge check right after the form or link
  • Edit the "Thank You Response" of the completed Google form (or another form) to include some kind of password or code
  • Require "the block above to be completed" for the Continue Block

    If the form is dynamic, you can edit the response of the completed form to no longer include the password or code in the future. This does not stop your client from sharing the password or code with their individual users if they know it.
Renz Sevilla

Hi Darren, sure thing! Here's a Peek of what you can do. 

I've made some changes as the Knowledge Block shows all possible correct answers if you get the answer wrong, so that would not help in this case.


- I've added the Embed Google Form in the lesson section

- Added a Quiz section to verify the secret answer from the form's Thank You message

- In Quiz settings, only allowed a passing score to continue to lock the continue button.

- Selected that a Continue button appears at the end of the Verification Quiz.

Hope that helps!