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Tom Kuhlmann

Export for Web or LMS are essentially the same. The difference is that with the LMS option, there's data inside that allows the course and LMS to communicate back and forth.

Using the share link is more of a production feature to see the progress in the course development. It shares the production version of the course and not a finished version.

If you just want to share a link to the course, you can publish to Review 360, turn off comments and then share the course that way.

However, the best bet is to have a web server to host the course. If you don't have one, Amazon or Google have free/very low cost options. Here's a post I did to show what to do. It's what I use to share course for the blog.

Teresa Vanderpost

I am happy to see this, so I don't have to create new.  I am uploading my first RISE course after all this time to my LMS but I also have to upload to the Web.  The LMS was the same as storyline so it worked great.

I just want to confirm what I need to do for the Web.  For storyline when I publish to the web,  I get a storyline output file and upload to my server via Filezilla and I figure out the path to the story.html file.  

I was surprised when I did Export to Web for RISE that it gave me a zip file (like it does for the LMS).  So my question is:  Do I upload the entire zip file for the web via Filezilla?  how do I figure out what my url would be.

For example one of my storyline web uploads the url is this:


An example of one of my zip RISE files to go to the web is this:

office-ergonomics-module-1-overview-and-introduction-raw-ucrnNEbB    -  do I upload this but then what would my url be?  Also I noticed all RISE zip files have an odd combo of letters and numbers which makes the name very long, can I rename it and remove these?  Reason I ask is that our courses are stored after creation deep on the network and sometimes it won't copy because file name is too long...


I will keep zipping the files (I have nine of them) and hopefully hear back soon.  I have to say I do like RISE but it is more limiting than storyline, but can see some pro's...do like the look!

Lea Agato

Hi Teresa,

You’ll want to extract the zip package and upload the contents to your web server using Filezilla as you do with your Storyline output.

When the files are uploaded, you'll want to get the path for the  index.html file and use this for the link you share with your learners.

Let me know if you have other questions!