Size of Storyline block in Rise - Help!

Is there a way to control the size of how a Storyline interaction inside of a Rise block appears?  Despite me setting the Storyline width size to small and using no padding, my Storyline files created at 720 px X 405 px  (16 X 9) appear on a desktop monitor (in my case a resolution of 1280 X 1024)  so large that people have to scroll to see the top and bottom of it. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Glen!

It sounds like your Storyline 360 slide is scaling up to fit the Storyline Block container, and that is forcing learners to scroll to view the full slide.

You may want to try locking the player at optimal size so that the slide won't scale up in Rise 360. Keep in mind this option is only available with the Classic Player.

Let me know if that works for you!

Robert Westfall

The small, medium, and full width settings in Rise are overriding the lock at optimal size setting within SL360.

I don't understand why it has been several years and no solution to this resizing issue. Clearly there is something in the way Rise sets it;s container for the full-width option in particular as this issue occurs on monitors of all sizes and resolutions, be it external monitors or laptops.


Robert Westfall

Yes I am using the classic player and have had issues with the need to scroll up and down within Rise. I deleted that project so will share a screenshot again soon.

For now, my main question is, why can't SL blocks be presented the same way videos are, with a full screen option that completely fills the current browser window but not beyond it?

Is there not a method of wrapping the SL block in a video player and still allow for interaction by the user?

I have to believe this straightforward option would solve most of the problems people have with SL block sizing, no?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for asking, Robert. Storyline blocks do not have a fullscreen option like video blocks do. 

If you're able to share an example of a Storyline Block with a classic player that expands beyond it's locked player size, we'd want to have a look at that. You can send us the Rise 360 course share link by opening a case. 


@ashley Terwillinger: I have the opposite problem. I created a SL to add as a block to my Rise 360 course. The resolution is 1024 X 576. It looks fine on my monitor from Preview and Review modes. But when I add it to my Rise course, it is so small you can barely read it. I tried the two default sizes and have the same result. Can you help?

Robert Westfall


Your full-width example of Cindy's work is exactly the issue I have been trying to get fixed. The full-width version requires the visitor to scroll down to see the full vertical space of content. That is why I have been advocating that you guys need to figure out a way that when a user clicks full screen, the project is completely on one screen, just like a fullscreen video would look.

As it is now, the full-width view of a SL Block is unusable.


Tim Danes

Thanks @LaRue Martin.
I think Elizabeth does a pretty good job showcasing 'best practice'.  i.e. 16:9 ratio in a 'small' width setting tends to work on most occasions.  

However, I think there is a fundamental flaw with embedding Storyline into Rise that I haven't been able to overcome.  
- Rise is responsive (which uses containers that adjust layout/size based on your screen-size).  This makes it great for mobile.
- Storyline is scaling (which resizes based on your screensize).
The problem is (which I noted Elizabeth didn't show), Storyline scales up/down... and so do it's fonts.  On a much smaller screen (like mobile-portrait), Storyline is pretty much useless when embedded in Rise.

I might add something very important here ... I don't think this is Articulates fault.  I think it's just a technical constraint of trying to use 2 x technologies together that might not always work.

I have tried a gazillion different ratios etc. trying to make it work ... but have not been successful.  The closest I've come is a 1280 x 600 (super-widescreen) with 17px body and 32px header fonts.

It looks beautiful and clean, with no scrolling on super-widescreen laptops.  It even looks good on tablets.  However, it fails on mobile/portrait (some won't even play because of the resolution). 

My solution:
- Communicate with the client about the constraints and considerations. 
- If it's going to go out on Mobile, don't embed Storyline.

Hope that helps :)