Software Simulation in Rise

Jul 04, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if I can create a software simulation in SL360 and use it as a StoryLine block in Rise.

If yes, is it possible to use the three different versions of simulations - to show the learner (could use video if not a simulation), to let the learner practice with feedback from the simulation and to quiz the learner? Will the quiz version report to the LMS (the client will most likely be using Absorb if anyone is familiar)?

Thanks very much,


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David Tait

You can insert software simulations created in Storyline in to Rise as a Storyline block. I'm working on something similar at the moment.

We have two versions, one to show the learner what to do and the other to let them try the simulation without guidance.

There is info here about how you would go about tracking Rise completion via the quiz Storyline block: 

Nicole Legault

Hi there Steffi 

Thanks for posting your question here! You can indeed create your software simulations in Storyline 360 and then bring them into Rise 360 in a Storyline block, however, it's important to note that content that appears INSIDE a Storyline block in Rise 360 will not be tracked in an LMS. 

So if you want to create some software simulations in Storyline and have them tracked, I would not put them into Rise 360. 

Here are some links and tutorials about software sims that are hopefully helpful:

Hope this helps.. let us know if you have further questions! :) 

Abdul Munaf Naina Mohamed

Hello All,

I am using SL360 for a software simulation and publishing it in review 360. It works fine in review 360 when i run throught it. However when I upload it as an interactive SL block in Rise, it doesn't work. I mean the try mode gets stuck at one point of the process. 

What could be the reason for this ? Appreciate any assistance.

Also requesting to share if there are alternate workarounds to incorporate try mode software simulation in Rise 360.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Abdul!

Embedding try mode slides in a Storyline Block is the best way to embed software simulations in Rise 360. I'm sorry to hear you're getting stuck on a slide!

Would you be willing to send us the course share link so we can take a closer look? If that works for you, you can send it privately by clicking here. 

Tanya Gobin-Persad


Also looking for any updates. From what I see, there have been updates. For example, Nicole Legault's post on tracking appears to be updated based on this article:  Thank you for posting Mandie C.