Sorting activity text is not displayed correctly on iOS

Jul 29, 2021

I came across an issue with sorting activity on iOS: the sorting sentences are displayed in a weird, cut-off way, please see the screenshot attached on the phone device vs desktop. Any workaround, suggestions?

While waiting for anyone to reply, I found old discussions where the limit of 80 characters was mentioned. I checked all my sentences and they are all under 80: most of them are in the 65-77 range with only one being exactly 80-characters long. But a majority of them are still being severely cut off on the mobile screen. Does anyone know how to make the font smaller, so they will fit? Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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Chino Navarro

Hi Anastasia, I am here to help. Because of the limited screen space on smartphones, each Sorting activity item can have up to three lines of text when previewed in Portrait mode, which could be fewer than 80 characters of text. If you're using custom fonts, you may see fewer than three lines. You can preview sorting activities in Rise 360 and switch to mobile portrait mode to make sure all your text displays correctly. You can also opt to add a note for your learners to view the activity in landscape mode. 

Anastasia Divnich

Thank you for your reply.  The issue with the landscape mode is that our sorting activity has four items and they don't fit on one screen in the landscape mode, which makes it impossible to complete the sorting activity, please see attached screen shots.