Spinning Wheel When Uploading Translated XLIFF File

Jan 08, 2024


I am trying to upload my translated XLIFF file into my Rise 360 course and I'm just getting a spinning wheel. I don't get a message stating there is an error or that it failed, it simply won't upload and just shows a spinning wheel with the text "Processing Translation". I've had it on the running on the back end of my screen for an hour with no progress. Please assist.

Robert Brown

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Eric Santos

Hi Robert,

I'm sorry you've hit this snag when translating your Rise course; thanks for sharing the screenshot! I'm happy to help with this. 

Make sure you're in the Rise course from which you originally exported your XLIFF file to avoid issues importing your translated file. The XLIFF file is content-specific, so it can't be exported from one course and imported into another. 

You also want to avoid editing your course after exporting your XLIFF; otherwise, you could have difficulty importing the translation. If the issue persists, feel free to connect with us in a case so we can provide targeted help as needed.