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Laurie Gilmore

At this point it's not pretty., I've got a list printed of the 7 different prebuilt interactions and the 9 different block interactions (think those numbers are correct, going by memory).  I then go old school and sketch out what I'm going to do with paper and pencil, choosing 1 of my 7/9 different options... my end-vision is to have a word document with table/columns for content and interaction types... just haven't gotten there yet.

Bridgewater Developer

It may be better to start with a template perhaps, such as what the possibilities are for each of the block items, as well as a quiz template. These could then be copied and pasted to create a storyboard. The template could also then be provided to a client or SME to populate content.

Shannon McGinnis

I created this but it's very simple and I didn't intend it for SMEs to use--just my way of organizing my thoughts and assets. Maybe it has something you can edit or at least it will show you what you don't want! LOL I like the idea of adding the available blocks and pre-built interactions but I haven't gone there. Just a simple Word table.