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Dec 04, 2017


I'm testing Rise and I find it a great tool, but I'm having a little issue with Storyline blocks.

I am using those blocks to add single Storyline slides with audio and animation, basically as "videos". Is there a way to avoid the content to auto-play when the users scroll the page?

I found a little workaround adding triggers on the original Storyline slide that behave as "play/pause" and prompt the user to click play to start the media (and click again to pause). This unfortunately affects the experience when taking the course on tablet/smartphone, since from those devices you have to click "play" to start the media. This way, the user has to click play twice, and then if he clicks again funny stuff happen (e.g., media disappearing and not reappearing).  

Bottom line is: does anybody know if there is a way to avoid auto-play when taking course on PC or at least have the media work in the same way on all devices?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Andrea,

Try adding a Continue Block just above the Storyline block. That will prevent the Storyline file from playing until the user clicks the continue button. With that set-up, you won't need to prevent the audio and animation from playing automatically. 

The play button you see on a mobile device is intended behavior for Storyline content on a phone. Adam explains more about that feature here!

Hope that helps!

Andrea Gola

Thanks for your reply Alyssa!
I figured out your suggestion myself this morning, so thanks for confirming
I was on the right path.
I also added the seekbar to the slide to allow people more control over the
media played. Now it seems to work perfectly, even though I haven't tested
it on mobile devices yet.

Andrea Gola

I am getting back to this topic 4 months later because I discovered that the solution I fund doesn't work well as I thought. Apparently, the Continue Block disappears once a person clicks on it.

Example: I have three Storyline blocks with audio on the same lesson, each with a Continue Block above. The lesson is published as a Scorm 1.2 file on an LMS. If I watch all of them and then exit the course, once I get back in the Continue blocks are disappeared (probably because the system tracks that I have already clicked on them) and all the Storyline blocks will start playing together, to a rather unpleasant and chaotic effect. 

Do you have any suggestion on how to solve this?

Thank you.


Crystal Horn

Hi Andrea. You're right that the continue block is one of the items that saves its state when resuming a Rise course.

You mentioned that your Storyline interactions run automatically as single slide "videos."  Instead of publishing them to Articulate Review, could you publish your Storyline slides as .mp4 and insert them as videos in your Rise course?  

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