Storyline Block not showing in Rise

Jan 25, 2024

I often use Storyline blocks in Rise with no issues like this. For some reason, this single slide scene is not showing to the user unless they click play. This is just an accordion interaction and I can't figure out why it is importing like this.  I would like the learner to just see the block without having to hit play (which every other block I've created has done). Any ideas?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Angie, 

Happy to help!

A play button on your Storyline 360 Block course appears if Rise 360 detects an audio or video media file present on the first slide. Accordion interactions from Engage 360 will also cause the play button to appear for a similar reason.

If you don't want a play button on your embedded Storyline 360 block, you can add a slide at the start of your Storyline course that doesn't contain any audio/video files which you can then set to transition into the Engage 360 Accordion interaction. I hope this helps!