Storyline block in Rise showing garbled/resized content

Oct 15, 2021

I have a Rise lesson with 4 Storyline software simulations in Storyline blocks.

Until today, they have all worked fine, but as people started to review the content, they began to report the screen inside the software simulation became offset and doubled in places.

It looks like a wonky screen refresh issue, where dialogs and sometimes the screen are being redrawn at different resolutions.

I've added a couple of examples from screenshots I was sent, but I've also seen the behavior myself in Rise.

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Lea Agato

Hi Fraser! I'm sorry to hear you're getting issues with your Storyline block in Rise! If this only started happening recently, here's what you can try:

  1. Make sure your browser version is up to date
  2. Use a different browser or incognito/private browsing and see if you are getting the same issues.
  3. Clear your browser cache 

If the issue persists, would you mind sharing a copy of your Storyline file so we can troubleshoot your course?  You can use this form to upload your file if you prefer to do this privately.  Thanks!