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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Thomas! You're correct — right now, there isn't a way to collect freeform responses in a quiz, nor turn off the quiz passing score. 

It sounds like survey-style questions would be helpful for your team. In the meantime, I would suggest embedding a survey from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey) using a multimedia embed block.

Euan Hill

Hello Jakub, Lin and Rubab.

I'm ever so sorry, but I've been offline on these forums for quite some time. I'm aware a great deal of time has passed since I shared information on the Javascript trick, but is this something you'd still like to know? I can flag this topic to the developer who created it.

All the best,


Jordan Hopkins

Please include this! 

I was just working on an Overview section that includes some relevant inspiration for the learners. I tried using a Quiz with open choice, but I'd love to be able to have an option where any choice combo is correct. It's just to survey their background knowledge about the topic.

I agree with the comments above, a poll block would be a game-changer, as assessment doesn't always have to be a quiz. Sometimes we want to collect reactions, interest, and other data that's not a final quiz. Thanks for listening!

Matthew Sakey

Course satisfaction, learning, or literally anything else that isn't a scored quiz with right and wrong answers. Self-assessments. Polls. Discussions. "What is your favorite color." Before-and-after capabilities measurements. Follow-ups. Voting. User insights. Corrections and bug reports. Recipes. Learner declarations proclaiming their personal scholastic magnificence. 

Articulate's dogged conviction that years of product updates mainly consisting of new characters for the Content Library--but conspicuously lacking in fixes or requested functionality, time after time after time--is fascinating... and potentially educational, in the same way the fate of QuarkXPress could be educational for adherents to a similar product philosophy.

Six years and Rise still isn't fully ADA compliant, but that Content Library is pregnant with characters! Priorities!

Naaah. I'm sure there are lots of big and exciting feature surprises coming in the next release. You know, the one that's... in design.