Survey questions in Rise 360?

Jun 11, 2020

I am working on a compliance course and want to use Rise 360. There are a few polling type questions that we want to ask learners for and be able to see their responses within our Saba LMS. In addition to this, we have an assessment that learners need to score 80% to comply.

I've been playing around in Rise 360 but I cannot figure out the best way to do this. Here is what I need.

Survey/poll questions:

  • I need to be able to have our LMS record the learner responses to two questions. Since they are survey type questions (what type of device are they using to complete the course, etc.), there is no correct or incorrect response. I know how to stop the "Correct" or "Incorrect" from displaying.
  • However, is there a way to not have a quiz results slide display?


  • Within the same course, and at a very different location than when I ask the survey questions, I need to have an assessment. This I understand how it works and have no issues.
  • If it is possible to have survey type questions and an assessment, how do I set it up to ensure that both 'quizzes' report correctly via the LMS for the exact same course?

Example of the survey type questions (the others are learner role specific)

Any information is greatly appreciated. I've watched the training webinar on Rise 360 assessments and quizzing. I understand the difference between knowledge check and quiz... just not sure how to do polling/survey type questions in one section of the course and an actual scored assessment in another section.


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Jennifer Stolz

Or... is there a way to have specific questions in a quiz be unscored but still be able to capture responses via LMS-reports? I could make that work in order to only have one assessment/quiz. However, I need the survey type questions not to have a right/wrong option and not impact the learner's overall score.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Jennifer. It sounds like you need two things: a survey style question and the ability to track more than one quiz. We are tracking requests for both of these enhancements, but I wouldn't expect changes to come in the next few months. I'll tag this discussion so we can reach back out to you with updates!

Would it be possible to add a 3rd-party survey in an embed block for the polling questions? You may not be able to pull that information into the LMS directly, but it would allow you to capture the data in a separate interaction from the final assessment. Rise 360 will track the responses of just one quiz.

Jennifer Stolz

Hi Crystal. Thank you for this information. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.

While not the answer I was hoping to receive, it is reassuring that I wasn't missing something and that the functionality I was needing doesn't yet exist in Rise 360.

Yes, late yesterday a 3rd party survey was the approach we decided on as a workaround and Yes, please do keep me posted as to when these enhancements do occur.

Thank you again for your assistance. I truly appreciate it.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for checking in, Helena! Rise 360 doesn't have a survey block right now, but I appreciate you sharing that you need that option!

For now, your best bet is to embed a form from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!

<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

Russell Findlay

Following this discussion as the ability to capture learner evaluation seems critical to good design of a course - the use of external forms will create drop out and also loss of data integrity as presumably this won’t enable the capture of the learner record ... would love to see this feature. 

in the meantime is it possible to do a workaround to get some quantitative responses by putting in a quiz with every response being correct and capturing the number entered. 


Renz Sevilla

Hi Russell!

Thanks for reaching out and voting for this feature! As a workaround, I suggest using the Embed block for this and to create a 3rd Party form to insert your survey questions. The community has found success with using this method and forms such as Google Forms. This way you'll be able to track the answers your learners gave for the survey questions. 

Let me know if you have any trouble! The community might be able to chime in here with things they've tried as well!

Phoebe Gill

Hi there, I'm just here to say we too would like this feature. Currently using the trial and learning the basics. Even though I'm just learning the basics, I'm finding a lot of features that we need don't exist. I look them up in these community pages and often find that months or even years have passed without updates. Hope these things can be added.

Trina Starnes

We have a need to have survey questions in Rise also. I appreciate the embed option, but using a third-party tool is not a viable option for my current project's needs.

Rise is beautiful and super easy to use, but since there are only graded quiz questions I will need to switch back to Storyline for my project. Storyline is wonderful too, but the build will take much longer.

Thank you for tallying one more vote for surveys in Rise.

Renz Sevilla

Hi All! Thanks for following up on this feature! No news just yet, if we have anything new to share we'll update this thread here!

I've shared this a previous comment above, but sharing again for the community:

As a workaround, you can use an Embed block for this and create a 3rd Party form to insert your survey questions. The community has found success with using this method and forms such as Google Forms. This way you'll be able to track the answers your learners gave for the survey questions.