Survey questions in Rise 360?

Jun 11, 2020

I am working on a compliance course and want to use Rise 360. There are a few polling type questions that we want to ask learners for and be able to see their responses within our Saba LMS. In addition to this, we have an assessment that learners need to score 80% to comply.

I've been playing around in Rise 360 but I cannot figure out the best way to do this. Here is what I need.

Survey/poll questions:

  • I need to be able to have our LMS record the learner responses to two questions. Since they are survey type questions (what type of device are they using to complete the course, etc.), there is no correct or incorrect response. I know how to stop the "Correct" or "Incorrect" from displaying.
  • However, is there a way to not have a quiz results slide display?


  • Within the same course, and at a very different location than when I ask the survey questions, I need to have an assessment. This I understand how it works and have no issues.
  • If it is possible to have survey type questions and an assessment, how do I set it up to ensure that both 'quizzes' report correctly via the LMS for the exact same course?

Example of the survey type questions (the others are learner role specific)

Any information is greatly appreciated. I've watched the training webinar on Rise 360 assessments and quizzing. I understand the difference between knowledge check and quiz... just not sure how to do polling/survey type questions in one section of the course and an actual scored assessment in another section.


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Leah Townsend

This has been quiet for two years, but adding my voice to the call for a survey-style block.  Sometimes I need students to interact with answers that are not necessarily wrong/right choices, but give them points to reflect on.  I've been using the checklist feature but it would be nice if I could have it give feedback based on which/how many options are checked without it being a right/wrong feedback.

John Cooper

I recently ran a couple of FREE online workshops on how to create a downloadable learning journal in RISE using Storyline blocks and local browser memory. I think these were reasonably well received.

I have a demo that creates a slider-based survey block in Storyline that, once completed allows the learner to download their results in a pdf document.

Storyline Survey Block demo

Since the survey completes in a single Storyline block this approach could be used in RISE (the JavaScript libraries are loaded dynamically - so no modification to the published course is required).

There are options for how you would get the results of the survey back to the trainer:

(a) it could be emailed to the trainer

(b) if using an xAPI capable LMS/LRS, the results could be sent to the LRS using xAPI calls

If there is sufficient interest in this (while we wait for Articulate to add a survey block to RISE!) I would be happy to run a couple of sessions on how to do this in RISE. It would be an interactive workshop and participants would be encouraged to share their own approaches to this challenge.

Anyone up for this??

John Cooper

Hi Chevon

Because the pdf file will be sent as an attachment I use JavaScript and an intermediary email service (emailJS). There is a cost to this but for a few dollars a month you get up to 2000 emails. you can set up a 'free' account to test BUT the free account doesn't allow you to add attachments to the email - so you need the paid version to get the job done.

I wrote an article about using an intermediary service here:

Using an Intermediary service to send email from Storyline - Building Better Courses Discussions - E-Learning Heroes (

I hope this helps?