Taking down Rise courses and re-uploading them again for editing

Is it or would it be possible to remove Rise courses from Articulate Server and reupload them again if needed?

I am an owner of a private license with a fixed storage space. Suppose, this space is full, and if I need to create a new course, I might need to take another one down. (Or, in general , if eventually we store courses on our company's servers, we do not need to keep them on Articulate servers).However the materials of the removed course could get old and I might choose to reapload a course (and remove another) to be able to re-edit the course.

In addition, due to the fact that Undo options are not yet fully implemented in Rise, I prefer creating a backup of unfinished courses by exporting them for Web only and storing them on my desktop as .zip folders, as they are exported from Rise. Suppose, something happens to Rise servers and all our content might vanish. In this case being able to reupload a course package, extract it again from .zip on Articulate server and edit it would be very helpful.

Are there solutions for those use-cases of Articulate?

Thank you very much

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Irina!

Your account comes with 150GB of storage, which should be more than enough for most purposes. Just how much is 150GB? Justin puts it into perspective here. 

If you do decide to delete a course from your Rise account, there isn't an option to import it back in. A better option would be to keep everything in your Rise account, and we'll proactively reach out if we start to notice you're reaching your limit.

In regards to security, you can certainly store exported zip files as backup. Rest assured our servers are secure--we encrypt all traffic with the highest level of encryption, 256-bit SSL Certification and 2048-bit RSA public keys. This is the same level online banks use. You can read more about that in our Trust Center

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ch'an,

There isn't an option to upload an export Rise course back into your account, but we have shared the ability to export/import source files as a feature request with our team. We're also looking at a feature that would allow for a "recycle bin" or way to reverse an action such as deleting a course. 

We'll keep you posted if these features become available! 

Jeff Forrer

Hello Alyssa.  Responding to this thread vs. starting a new one.  I am getting concerned about running out of space in Rise, I have many courses with heavy media. 

  1. Is there anyway ever to tell how much space we have and have left?  I understand that team account has unlimited, but looking to manage within my individual account.
  2. Will I receive an alert when getting close to running out, if so how close to the end of space will you alert me?
  3. Will we ever be able to have the true source files available for backup other than the exported files we can export?

Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jeff! Happy to help. Individual subscriptions to Articulate 360 have 150GB of storage for Rise 360 and Review 360 content items. While it's very unlikely you'll exceed this limit, we will let you know if you're getting close. We don't have a view for you to see how much you've used so far, however.

While a feature to download Rise 360 project files is not currently on the roadmap, we are still tracking customer requests for this feature. I'll add your voice!