Teams Transfer

Aug 29, 2022


I currently am a member of an articulate teams account for the college I work with. However, we recently learned that another office at the university has a teams account. We are planning on ending our teams account, and joining the teams account that is already in function with the other office at the college, however, we have several articulate projects already developed that we do not want to loose. How can we transfer these projects to the other teams account without loosing the projects or ownership? Will this transfer change the sharable link to the projects we already have created? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Michele,

Each author's content is connected to their Articulate ID (email). In order to keep your content, two things have to happen:

  • the admin who removes you from your current team should choose "do nothing" with your content.
  • you'll need to be invited to the new team with your same email address.

And your share links will still be intact! Let us know if you have any questions.