Text shuffled after updating and sharing

After releasing a Rise course (a microlearning) to the public, I made some changes to it. I changed some questions, text, and photo's after receiving feedback from the users.
Now many users are reporting that they see the text mixed up, the words shuffled. See the attached 3 examples.

I have not changed the share-link after I released the link. So the updated version of the microlearning should be directly visible to new and existing users, right? Could it be that updating the course caused these issues? When I open the course, it looks absolutely fine. Also in an incognito window. I cannot recreate the typo's and text errors that the users are reporting. It's like editing it messed up the whole course.

Please help! Dozens of users are complaining that the course is filled with typo's :(

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Lea Agato

Hi Sara, so sorry to hear you’ve run into this issue! Do you know which browser was used when the users encountered this issue? Also, is your course hosted on an LMS? If so, can you try publishing your course again and see if the users still see the issue?  It would also help to ask the users to check if they have the same problem when viewing your course using a different browser.  Let me know how it goes!

Sara Swier

Hi Lea, thanks for reaching out. The course is not hosted on an LMS or web server. I guess that's the problem, right? I kept it simple (which is usually a good idea-but not always) and just shared the Share-link that Rise provides. But I guess that this doesn't work so well when the course gets updated regularly?

Crystal Horn

Thank you for your reply, Sara. Typically, people viewing the Share link of your course will see the updates once they refresh their browser tab.

If checking these browser requirements with your learners doesn't solve the problem, we'd love to be able to have a closer look at your course to see if we can make this behavior happen. You can share it with us privately by clicking here.

Sara Swier

Hi Chino, thanks for reaching out. Nop, it does not get solved :( I don't think it has to do with caching issues on the user's side, because this is a tiy microlearning which gets done in 5 minutes. I can't imagine that all the people who reported this issue, opened the microlearning more than once. 

I had re-exported the updated Rise 360 course and re-uploaded the contents to our webserver. The learners are accessing the updated link to the index.html file.