The ability to toggle the visibility of labels (in particular, the ones able to be customized) off and on.

I'm wondering if anyone has changed some of the coding in exported output to completely turn off the application of one of the default Rise labels? If so, could you give a brief summary of how you went about this?

It would be helpful if Rise course settings allowed users to toggle the visibility of each system label. The way we have developed courses, the 'Lesson 3 of 7' for example, is extraneous and we've relabeled it as 'Section 3 of 7', but this would be preferred to be completely removed from our output if possible. We use some our the lessons aka sections as course lead-in, copyright/use disclaimers, and other types of information being presented where the automatic counter this label provides throws people off. We'd rather use our own naming conventions in Rise's section and module titles to denote numbering throughout an entire course. We regularly are transferring 300-400 pages of traditional InDesign>PDF content to these courses. 

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Cass,

Give this a try:

  • Open main.bundle.css
  • Add the following to the top of the page:
.lesson-header__count {display: none;}
  • Save and test throughly in all browsers

I haven't tested this. It may have unintended impact of the layout of your Rise course. 

Keep in mind that Articulate don't support modifying the published output in this way, so if you run into issues, remove this CSS from your project. 

Cass Netzley

Hi Daniel,

The CSS edit Matthew mentioned in his post worked and suppressed the lesson count from displaying. The SCORM export worked fine in scormcloud, but I never tested in our current LMS. Needing to do this manually every time we exported a course made it a bit cumbersome and not something we wanted to adopt into our official 'finishing' processes. 

Since my original post, a newer setting in the Navigation settings was added to toggle 'Lesson Count Labels' on and off. Hopefully, they extend this toggle to more of the system/custom label options in Rise.