Three-dot options not available with courses owned by others

May 02, 2018


I am not seeing the three-dot icon on the Rise pages that are owned by others. In particular, I need to be able to duplicate pages that are owned by others, and move them into folders other than the "Shared with me" folder. I have many MANY pages shared with me due to the level of content we produce, and not being able to categorize them is very cumbersome. 

I could have sworn I had this ability before, even on pages not owned by me - is this a new update? If so, please note that this limits the features of the product for our team and does not aid us in any way. If I'm missing where this option was moved to, I'd much appreciate some direction.

Much appreciated,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mahalia,

It sounds like you've been added as a collaborator on those courses in your "Shared with Me" folder. While you'll have the ability to add and edit lessons, only the course owner can duplicate the course. 

Ask the course owner to send you a copy of the course, and that way you'll have your own version that you can duplicate and organize into folders. 

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