Rise folders and moving content

Jun 20, 2019

Hi All,

I am the QA for our team content, so I get many Rise pages shared with me which by default are displayed in my 'Shared with me' folder.  When the QA is complete, I want to file the pages. Clicking on 'Move to folder' and selecting the required folder, does not result in the expected action of moving the file, only creates a copy or view of it elsewhere. My 'Shared with me' folder is full to bursting and a headache to navigate. Is there a reason that the file doesn't actually remove itself, as the action would suggest? Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Liz. The Shared with me and All courses folders will always display all the courses in those categories even after you sort them into another folder. 

We have a feature request for improvements with Rise folders. I'm going to add your experience to that documentation. We can update you here with any changes!

Sandy Pobst

Thanks for responding. I’m very disappointed that this isn’t on your roadmap. We recently built an initial library of 10 courses. With localization, I now have 60 lessons showing up in the All Courses folder. And with more lessons on the horizon, this is quickly becoming unmanageable.


Laurie Strauss

Please add this to your roadmap. It defies logic that moving a course to a folder doesn't remove it from the "All Courses" view. As a result, it's challenging to find courses quickly. At the very least, please change the command name from "Move to" so the user doesn't expect the course to disappear from the "All Courses" view. Thank you!

Maire Smith

I totally get that 'All Courses' should be all the courses, and 'Shared with me' should include all the files shared with me. 

But I really, really want to be able to add shared files also to folders, so I am not left hunting through the huge shared folder every time I look for a course. 

Changing 'Move to' to 'Add to' on the Shared and All pages would also be good.

Robert Lillywhite

Hi Alyssa,

We really like Rise for our content, but now we have started moving courses to it we have identified so many shortcomings in the management that we may need to look for another product that handles that side of things properly.

I posted a list of obvious issues we have found yesterday here:



Rebecca McKellar

I am having the same issues as Rob posted above. Our course catalog is becoming large and individual users are not able to organize the courses that have been shared with them. It's important to organize the content into folders so we're not having to search through all the courses each time we look for one. The person who creates the courses is able to organize them on her end, but since we only have shared access, we cannot organize them under our account. This thread states that this has been on Articulate's Feature Request list for over a year, yet nothing has happened yet and there is no timeline to do so. As a user, this is extremely frustrating.

Kelly McNamee

Hello, Alyssa! I would like to add my concerns to this thread. While I love using Rise, the lack of manageability is almost greater than the benefit of using it. Folder organization, team collaboration, ease of access to all content throughout my organization are all concepts that seem like they should be a "given" in 2021. 

I have found threads similar to this one dating back 2 years. Is there anything we in the Articulate Community can do to have these concerns addressed more quickly? I'm concerned that my only alternative to the clunkiness of Rise is to simply stop using it all together. 

Thank you so much for your help, Alyssa! :) 

Rory Sacks

At the very least, it would be great if we can share folders. Rise is a great tool but its focus on collaboration is severely lacking. Especially considering it's a web-based tool that companies get 'team subscriptions' for. Looking at the roadmap, it seems as if the 7 items on there aren't even some of the top discussions, like this one, that go back a couple of years.

This is just a point of frustration especially since it 'takes a village' to create these courses but the 'team' functionalities are proving to be major pain points.