Thumbnails on Videos

Jan 19, 2023

I have added two videos into a lesson. Both just show as black boxes with the start arrow on them. Is there a way to put a thumbnail over it so it's more interesting than a black box? I've created this course in Rise 360.

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Christopher Santos

Hi Anne,

We don't have the ability to add a custom thumbnail for Rise videos, although this feature has already been requested with our Rise engineers.  We don't have an update yet on this, but I will let you know as soon as we hear more from our team about this feature.

I do know that the first frame of your videos is most likely just a black screen.  If you have a video-editing tool, you can trim out this black screen.  That way, you can make the first frame the one with the actual content itself.

Jack Ding

Starting with the July 2021 update, you can add a course cover photo in the modern player. Just mark the Cover Photo box, then click the + Photo link to browse for an image. Choose the first slide, a media library asset, a Content Library 360 photo, or an image from your computer. After you’ve selected an image, click the file name link to refresh the preview area on the right so you can see how the image looks.