Using SL in Rise

Dec 31, 2020


I added two Storyline projects into Rise. It loads nicely and works well, what I did not like is the thumbnail in Rise was a black screen with the title of the SL project at the very top. I wanted the thumbnail to be like the other videos I uploaded from Vyond (the first scene of the video). I made some changes to the SL player and thought I was happy, when I tested it the thumbnail I wanted was there. However, when I opened the content in Rise 360 the two SL videos automatically started to play at the same time. I have two Vyond videos and the user must click on the video to start, this is what I want for the SL videos too but with the pretty thumbnail, not a black screen. My first question, how do I stop the videos from automatically playing? Second, question, is there a way to have a nicer looking thumbnail than the black screen? Thank you in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shani! It sounds like your Storyline interactions have video and/or audio on their first slides, so you may see some varying behavior across different browsers, including mobile devices.

Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • There isn't a way to set a thumbnail image for your Storyline block in Rise currently. You'll either see the first slide, or, if the Storyline block can't automatically play, you'll see a play button that needs to be clicked to allow the media to begin.
  • Storyline blocks will play automatically in Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, meaning that the slide will start playing its timeline when the lesson is opened. You can prevent this by using a continue block between Storyline blocks.
  • Storyline blocks with media in the first slide won't autoplay in Chrome or mobile browsers because of browser restrictions on media automatically playing.