Time Restrictions


Is there the option to turn on a time restriction in Rise files?  We have a client that wants her course completed within 60 minutes.  She told us this after we had already completed her course design in Rise.  If this feature isn't available directly in Rise do any of you have any other suggestions without completely redesigning her course in Storyline?

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Andrew. Great question!

While there isn't a course timer feature in Rise available at this time, I'm going to share your insight with our product team! I'm curious to know more: could you tell me why a timer would come in handy for your client?

Additionally, will you be uploading the course to a Learning Management System (LMS)? Depending on the LMS, you should be able to set a time limit in its settings. Be sure to share the name of the platform you'll be uploading to here, as there are many folks here who are setting wizards!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Paul Cypher

Katie, I have another example where this is needed. We provide non harassment training in CA and other required compliance training where they have a restriction that that a learner MUST spend a minimum of certain hours in the course. We used to do this as a timer in SmartBuilder but can't, or don't know how, to do it in Storyline or Rise. Each section had a timer that restricted access to the next section until the timer expired.  That allowed us to guarantee that a learner spends the required time in a course. For example CA requires at least 2 hours for the supervisor non-harassment.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul. You can accomplish this in Storyline 360, but Rise 360 doesn't have any time-based restrictions on moving through the content.

In Storyline 360, you can disable your Next buttons until the timeline of each slide ends. You'll want to set your navigation settings to restricted so that slides have to be completed in order. Make sure the timelines of your slides add up to the time requirement for your course.

I hope that helps!