Timeline paragraph spacing

Hi Rise team, 

the timeline template doesn't add the paragraph spacing (it does it everywhere else in Rise).

I tried to add it by typing enter in between the paragraphs, but that too disappears. 

Can you please help? I have a lot of content for this template and would like to get it working. 

Cheers, Aleks

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Aleksandra Vuckovic

Hi ALyssa, 

Thank you for the reply.

That is what I have been doing, but was hoping for a resolution on Rise's end so I don't have to edit text every time I put it into the element.

It happens on most of the interactives (not just the timeline, as I mentioned in my post), which all adds up to a lot of text editing. 

I have also discovered in some instances, after using Shift + Enter, when I go back to check the content after a few days, some of them don't stick. So it seems not 100% reliable. 

It would be great if the coders would add automatic paragraph spacing for all text input fields.