Tips for letting customers know they can enlarge images in Rise?


Sometimes our Rise customers are not aware that they can simply click images to enlarge them. Our team is discussing ways that we can make this more clear on the page (adding a note above the image, stating it in the course introduction, etc.). Does anyone in this forum have any tips about how they have made the clicking action more obvious in their lessons? And if anyone from Articulate is here, perhaps you might have some insight into a feature enhancement that would help eliminate this problem for course creators? 

Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

I agree with Matt, if you expect the person to explore or interact with an onscreen object it helps to have some simple instructions. Generally, you only need to do it once.

As far as the click to zoom on images, it has the magnify icon which is somewhat universal. Not sure that adding anything more to it would help since whatever you add would probably still require some initial instruction.

Tonya Smith

We've also found that some of our learners aren't sure how to go back to the normal size after enlarging. Instead of clicking the image again, some try to use the back button on their browser. It seems like overkill to include that in the instructions, yet I understand that it can be frustrating if it's not intuitive to the learner and they don't know what to do. 

Andrew Knowles

There isn't a "hover" state on mobile - which I think rise is predominately aimed for. Best to be up front with your instructions as per Matt's suggestion. You could add some explain instructions in your introduction:

"All images can be magnified tap/select/click to zoom and tap/select/click to zoom out" 

(use one of tap/select/click as appropriate)