Track course completion through multiple Storyline quizzes?

Jul 30, 2019

Hi All,

I understand you can import a quiz created in Storyline and use it to track completion through Rise; however, my question is this:

Can you import multiple Storyline quizzes into one Rise project and use it to track  completion?

I want to have a training with four units, with questions imported from Storyline at the end of each unit. I would like to have completion tracked by taking the scores from all of those imported blocks. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Karl Muller

You can choose only one Storyline quiz to track completion.

What you are suggesting makes perfect sense though, and we have the same situation where we have a quiz for each Unit.

It does not make sense to have a single quiz in this case, unless you create one huge quiz that tests all of the Units.

Melanie Brooks

Thanks for the reply, Karl. Too bad -- I was afraid that would be the answer. Rise is so easy to use and the output looks great -- I use it to develop short trainings, in which case an end-of-training quiz is ok, but for something longer, I am afraid it really goes against some fundamental principles of learning. Too bad! Let's hope that Articulate hears this and develops that functionality. Rise delivers a rich user experience, and I'd love to use it for everything. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for telling us about your need to track multiple quizzes! I'd love to learn more about this idea. 

Currently, the quiz score for one Storyline Block will be sent to the LMS when you track the Rise course by the Storyline block. But it sounds like you need several Storyline Blocks – do you want to send an average of those quiz scores to the LMS?

Also, if you had the ability to track the average score of multiple Rise 360 quizzes, would that help you?

Melanie Brooks

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the quick reply -- great questions! I would want to send an average of the total questions. So if the first quiz had two questions, and the second quiz had 10 questions, an average of the scores from each quiz total would be incorrect, as it would overweight the score of the first two questions.

Better if it took the average of all questions, or if it functioned like Storyline and you could assign points to each question and a passing score (percent or points).  

I would love to use Rise as my primary development tool. I just developed my first training on Rise that went out globally to all employees of our firm, and I got a lot of positive feedback from people on the look and feel of the training (and believe me, getting positive feedback for Compliance trainings is not terribly common!).

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Melanie. And the praise! 

One other thought I had for you was to use continue button blocks after your Storyline blocks to ensure passing of each quiz. While it won't help to report the actual score of each Storyline quiz, completing the course will mean that learners have at least passed each Storyline quiz. Here's how to set that up -- see the tip above Step 2.