Tracking Activity Completion in Rise

Nov 01, 2018

Hi, everyone!  I have uploaded several courses to my LMS that were created in Rise.  My LMS is reporting that students have either "attempted" or "experienced" the content.  Is this tracking this verb for the whole course or for individual lessons in the course?  Is there a way to add tracking to individual lessons within the course for completion purposes?  For example, can it report "percentage attempted" or something like that?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Anthony! I just replied to your similar post in this discussion, but I wanted to elaborate a bit more on Rise's "track using course completion" setting.

When your course is hosted on a learning management system (LMS), the LMS will report either Complete or Incomplete, but not partially complete. 

For example, if you set the course completion percentage to 100% , but the learner views only 50% of the course, they will be marked as Incomplete. You won't see that they have already completed 50%. 

I hope this is helpful, and let me know if you have more questions! Thanks for checking it all out. 

Eileen Fernandez-Parker

Hello Alyssa,

I'm not finding a way to force participants to complete any of the interactive activities or videos. All they have to do is scroll on by. As long as the screen populates, they get credit for having completed it.

Is there a way to force them to play?