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Feb 08, 2019

Hi All,

Is there any way to set a block (a video block in my case) so that it is not required for course completion?

We have a little bonus feature we'd like to include in the course (an outtake video) but we don't want this to be part of tracking (as it's not required for course completion). 

I realise I could adjust the course completion percentage on export - but then we run the risk of people watching this bonus feature content (instead of the content we actually need them to see) ... then still hitting their course completion score.

Many thanks for any help or idea's you can provide,


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EMS Training


You could make a completion block in Storyline that runs when you have gotten to the end of your required content.  It could look like any other continue button or be a closing message that says you are done but feel free to watch the video.  You would put a complete course trigger in that storyline block and then set Rise completion to the storyline block.  I have done this for the exact reason you are describing.

Happy to help you with this if your are not comfortable with Storyline or my explanation is confusing.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Paul,

There's no way to do that natively in Rise at this time, but I love Tim's suggestion. Here's a tutorial that explains how to set that up. 

If you'd like to see this feature added to Rise directly, it'd be great if you could take the time to log a feature request and tell us more about your specific needs.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Paul Morley

Hi and thanks for your responses ... 

So - is the only way of doing this by adding a Storyline block (we have quite a slow network *crushed by security, so Storyline blocks can often take time to appear within a piece of Rise learning). 

Tim, is that the way you did this?

Did you have to restrict navigation of your course within settings (I'd rather leave this open if it's possible), as we're hoping people may refer back to the learning when required, so should be able to skip to whichever section they wish.

If so - I'll add a feature request Allison.

Thanks again both!

EMS Training

Hey Paul.

In that scenario that is what i have done.  I have not found these small blocks to be too slow but I hear you about the file size when you add an SL block.

Yes you do need to restrict navigation for this to work if you have requirements for everything above.  One note though, restricting navigation is only on the first view.  Everything they have seen prior is available to them so they can go back in and review anything they have already completed.

Paul Morley

Thanks for your quick reply Tim ... I hadn't realised that restricted navigation only applies first time around - so thanks for that info too!

I'm thinking our stakeholder will simply pull the "bonus feature" given risk of possible network lag / none completion. 

I've added a feature request so might be something I can add in the future!

Thank you both!


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