Transferring accounts from one company to another

Dec 16, 2020


I'm looking for some articulate wisdom on a problem I'm facing. 

Me and my company have been making hundreds of Rise courses using an articulate teams licence, over the past year. In the last couple of weeks our business has been sold to another company who also have an articulate teams license. The plan is to 'merge' our two accounts together and all our IT guys believe its as simple as changing our emails to our new company ones, but I want to know if:

A) Is that possible, and is it that easy?


b) what are the consequences of doing that? will we still keep the same access to all our courses? or will we have to manually transfer every one to our new accounts?

Any insight from people that have experienced this would be helpful. 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Emily! 

You should be able to change your email address on your Articulate 360 profile page, and all of your Rise 360 courses will still be intact—no transferring needed. You'll simply log in with the new email address next time you want to access Rise 360.

Our customer care team would be happy to help you navigate merging accounts and can help you set that up! You can reach that team anytime by emailing