Translation in Rise

Mar 17, 2020

I have searched the community and am looking for some guidance on how to translate a course in Rise.  I understand that you have to change the labels and also export the XLIFF file.  I use Word translator and google for translation. Can someone advise steps how to import the XLIFF file into a third-party solution then import it back into the rise course.   I am hoping this is an easy feature as it will really help me fast track course development.  I manually cut and pasted my first course and it was time consuming. 

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Steve Heinen

Shane, I found someone in the community that created a simple solution.  You can find the download on the Microsoft Store. It works great and he also has a tool for using Amazon Neral voiceovers.  The feature in Storyline is nice but it lacks the neural voices. 

The download has allowed me to rapidly translate dozens of titles in Storyline and Rise and it works great.