Translation problems - a copy is not a copy

Jun 02, 2020

When you work with a translation of a Rise project, you are asked to make a copy before you export to a XLIFF file.

I have done that, but if I send the course to another person, the import does not work. So a copy in rise is not a copy, according to my conversation with Articulate Support. The import and export only works on the original instance of a course it seems,

Buthis is a big problem if you work in a team where you want to assign technical implementation of a translation to another team member. Translation can take a lot of time to get right, so you need to prepare all sorts of files in advance, maybe weeks, and by the time the files are returned, the project is reassigned to another team member, who needs a copy of the course.

It seems that Rise uses some kind of unique identifier for a course, when you export and import xliff, and this is changed if you make a copy of a course.

How do you get around that problem?

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