Turn off "Complete all blocks above" continue button after first course completion

Jun 12, 2019

Is there a way to change my continue blocks after the course is completed for the first time?

I currently have my courses set so that there is restricted navigation, and I have Continue buttons throughout set so that all above content must be completed before continuing.

However - people are looking to use these courses as reference material, after they have passed the quiz at the end. Is there a way to change the continue buttons after the course has been viewed?

The courses are getting exported to an LMS, not sure if that makes a difference. 

I am considering just making an unrestricted copy of the course with no quizzes that I do not give learners access to until they have completed the original restricted course and passed the quiz.  Is there a simpler way to do this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachel!

When the learner revisits the completed Rise 360 course, they should resume back to the last lesson or quiz. They can use the sidebar menu to go back to previous lessons without restriction, and they should no longer be restricted by the continue buttons.

Does that match what you're seeing on your side? When you resume the course, are you taken directly to the last lesson or quiz?

Rachel Shaw

Hi Alyssa!

After I complete the course, if I do not close it, I can navigate freely through it.  When I exit the course, I get a completion notification from my LMS.  However, when I relaunch the course from my LMS, it returns to the last lesson.  However, I still cannot navigate freely - the only thing I can click on is the first lesson.

It seems that Rise and the LMS both know that I've finished the course, but Rise returns me to the beginning (restricted) whenever I launch it.

Any suggestions?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rachel.

It sounds like the LMS is resetting the course progress once it is completed. You can confirm this by uploading your course to SCORM Cloud and comparing the resume behavior in that environment once you've completed and exited the course. We're happy to help with that testing if you'd prefer! Just share your details and exported course with us here.

If it's the LMS environment and not the course setup, we recommend working with your LMS support team to see if you can change a setting to allow resuming in a completed course.

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