Turn off marker pulse animation in Rise

Jul 08, 2018

I love the marker feature in Rise, but I would like to turn off the pulse animation, like you can in Storyline. I can't find where to do it. Is it possible in Rise? 


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Lacey! ūüĆü

While there isn't an option to disable the glowing animation around the marker in the Labeled Graphic lesson type available at this time, I've shared your idea with our product team! We're continuously exploring new features and are curious to know more:

  • Mind telling¬†us a little more about why¬†disabling that animation would come in handy for you?
  • What type of scenario would you use it in?

One option may be to create the lesson that needs a specific marker type in Storyline, and then use a Storyline block to upload it to your Rise course.

Looking forward to hearing¬†your thoughts, and feel free to share any other¬†ideas you have here or through our¬†Feature Request form¬†‚Äď we're all ears!¬†

Lacey Wieser

Hi Katie, thanks for your response.

UDL and accessibility best practices often require that you avoid blinking and flashing animations and rapid visual effects. https://www.uky.edu/udl/udl-accessibility-checklist

I had a visual that I wanted to use markers to show details of 10 different components. All of the pulsing made it very distracting to me and others that I showed. I can turn that off in Storyline and was hoping to do so in Rise. I actually ended up moving the project into Storyline since I had multiple images that I wanted to use multiple markers on.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the great insight there, Lacey! 

I've shared your latest input in this request's report, as we're always looking to add more accessibility features in Rise. Pro-tip: you can keep a pulse on all the latest features we're working on via our What's New page!

Additionally, be sure to check out our¬†6 Best Practices for Designing Accessible E-Learning¬†e-book if you haven't already‚Äďlots of great tips there! ūüďĖThanks again, and¬†feel free to send any other thoughts you may have here or through our¬†Feature Request form!¬†

Hans-Joachim Rudat

Hi Katie, another reason would be when creating markers on a picture describing a program for example. When you have several buttons next to eachother and then add the marker to it the buttons will be partially obscured and not clearly visible anymore. 

I would love to see an option here to disable the pulse if needed. (2020) 


Thank you. 

Meghan McKay

Adding a vote to this for the same reason as Hans. Sometimes the markers need to be really close to each other (screenshot attached) and we can't control the size of the marker or the flash. 

If turning off the flash is not an option, alternative solutions would be for us to be able to: 

a) Control the size of the marker
b) Control the size of the flash
c) Have the marker itself glow (rather than a flash animation moving outwards, and/or
d) Be able to draw a line to the marker so that we can move it elsewhere but still have it clear what it is "pointing to". 

I appreciate the Storyline suggestion, but some of our developers do not know how to use that and/or don't have the time to develop something custom. 

Thanks for considering this feature request. 

Isabel Crevasse

Has anything come of this feature change request? I love the idea of the labeled graphic feature, but the pulsing animation makes it pretty terrible for both accessibility reasons and general legibility reasons! The pulsing animation obscures critical details in the graphic when those details are small or when multiple hotspots and clustered together. 

Eduscape Partners

For all of the reasons mentioned above, I am also requesting the ability to turn off the pulsing animation. (See the attachment. This is very confusing to a new user of this tool! Not to mention it's not aesthetically pleasing.)

@Quentin - for what it's worth, we use the "only up to 9" as a guide that if you need more than 9, consider using Storyline, or adding a second labeled graphic. Not sure if that works in your situation, but I thought I'd offer it as a consideration. -EH

Emily Morgan

Same please, this is so distracting when you have more than 5 buttons and it is detracting from the learner's experience. Most learners are really familiar with the 'i' icon on the web and the pulsing is not really necessary anymore as an indicator that the icon should be clicked. Please allow an option to disable. 

Duncan McCorkindale

Another vote for this, and for the same reason. i'm really surprised this isn't possible, and hasn't been developed since the start of this thread 3 years ago. It seems like a relatively small development for a big win, especially in the context of all you did to make them more accessible and compatible with screen readers last year. fingers crossed :)

Adam Gojanovich

Here's a workaround I found and posted in this thread as well: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/turn-off-labeled-graphic-animation

For anyone else looking for an answer: If you are exporting the course, open the zip, and in the main.bundle.css file, you can search for and delete the following segment of text:


.labeled-graphic-marker__pin:after{animation:markerPulse 2s ease-in-out infinite alternate;border:8px solid hsla(0,0%,100%,.5);border-radius:50%;bottom:-2.4rem;content:"";left:-2.4rem;pointer-events:none;position:absolute;right:-2.4rem;top:-2.4rem}@media(min-width:48em){.labeled-graphic-marker__pin{font-size:1.8rem;height:3rem;line-height:3.2rem;text-align:center;width:3rem}}


That will stop the animation. Obviously not the easiest solution to interrupt your export/publish workflow with that, but it can be done if needed.

David Lockett

Although I personally love the pulse feature as it grabs my attention, I understand that for others effects like this are extremely distracting, particularly for neurodivergent colleagues. So, for this reason, I'm also requesting the ability to turn off the pulsing animation. I have to say I'm slightly disappointed that given Articulate make such a big thing about accessible learning, this feature request has still not moved forward after nearly 4 years.

I've tried the workaround mentioned above and it works a treat (big thanks to @Adam Gojanovich) but as mentioned, it is a major pain to have to do all this every time this feature is used in Rise.