Urgent! Storyline rise block - does not return to rise once complete (mobile)

Nov 26, 2018

Hi all

I have embedded a SL block into a rise module. When the user completes the storyline block the user can continue on with the module in Rise HOWEVER this does not occur when viewing on mobile. When the user completes the SL block on mobile, once they get to the end of the sl interaction it just stops. The user is not able to progress with the rise module.

Can someone please provide advice as I have implemented this interaction across nearly 10 modules which tracks user completion.

Thanks in advance! 


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Stephanie Samargis

Hi Richard/anyone else following. Turns out the issue is a storyline bug. 

The problem is that once the Storyline Block is played in full screen on mobile devices, there's no way to exit this mode (there is also no X button).The issue happens when using the Modern Player in Storyline.

As a workaround, you need to use the Classic Player for your Storyline course, so that the X button is always available throughout the Storyline Block in Rise. Basically, once the user completes the storyline interaction I directed them to clicking the cross by adding a line "Well done, you've completed this quiz (interaction)! Scroll down to continue (mobile device users click the cross in the left corner of screen to close and continue with the module".

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