URL Encoding

Mar 22, 2021

Hi All, 

I want to embed a link to our documentation in a RISE 360 lesson.

I've used a button so the student doesn't see the full URL. I want to encode the search term in the URL, but RISE doesn't seem to cope with that. Please could someone advise me how to make the URL encoding work.

Many thanks,


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Chino Navarro

Hi Sue,

Thanks for sharing the link. I added the link into a button block and previewed the course. When I clicked on the button, it opened a new browser tab for me. Below is a screenshot of what I got; does that look correct to you?

I can see the URL in the address bar of the new tab, though. I tried inserting the page in an iframe and into an Embed block to hide the URL, but it didn't work. The site doesn't allow the page to be inserted into an iframe. Due to the site's settings, there is no way to hide the URL.