Using articulate 360 - Rise & Storyline in Citrix

Jan 22, 2020

I am at a very early stage in bringing in Articulate 360 as well as an LMS to my organization, and wanted to get an updated answer to how and if using rise or storyline in a Citrix environment and if this is a wise choice, or just to use it locally? Also if there are still issues, what issues have been reported?

I have seen some answers around it being unsupported but want to see if anything has changed to date?

Many thanks for any responses on this. 



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Kris Taylor

Hi Karl & Crystal, 

I am currently working with our head of IT and Lead BA to work through how this will functionally work. 

It seems to me that overall Articulate needs to be used outside of Citrix and probably viewed by learners outside of Citrix too. 

Karl to your original point, we are currently looking to bring in Articulate 360 and an LMS (Absorb seems to be high on the list) to be able to host SCORM content, this could be hosted both in and out of the citrix environment so either would work.

Because I work with a government related agency, they have to try everything to keep data within Canada so this consistently poses issues.

If you feel outside the Citrix environment is best, then that is what I will pitch to them both. 

Out of interest, when used in Citrix, what are the main / specific issues you have faced?

Karl Muller

Hi Kris,

I'm Canadian, and also work in a government related agency. So we understand the requirement of hosting in Canada, and picked our LMS on that basis.

We use Citrix to host certain apps on a VM. We have never even tried running Storyline on a VM, as Articulate licenses work on a per user basis.

As Crystal mentioned Storyline is not supported  in a Citrix environment.

We use Rise and our LMS as web apps, so again no Citrix.

I would advocate not using Citrix as it's simply not a good fit.


Kris Taylor

Hi Karl, thanks a lot for your response, nice to hear from someone in Canada in a regulated field. 

Sounds good, I am having my meeting with the head of IT tomorrow and will explain to him everything which I have seen on this forum as well as your comment. 

Do you have any issues with data security from using an outside of citrix model, when it comes to FIPPA etc, or is the learner data not sensitive enough to require extra security. 


Many thanks


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