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Nov 23, 2016


Our team really like the Articulate RISE. It is way easier than Adobe Captivate. But there is one advantage that Captivate has was that we can use it offline. Is there a way to use RISE offline? If not, is there any plan in the future to implement offline feature?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Benny,

I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying Rise - our team is really proud of all the work done! 

In regards to the offline use of Rise, you may want to take a look at some of the ideas and suggestions in this other forum discussion. As Adam says in that discussion "To author in Rise, you'll need to be online. But once your course is done, you can download it and it will run anywhere you put it."

Hope that helps clarify and if there are other features or ideas you have to share about Rise, please feel free to send along! The team is actively looking at the road map for Rise and in what ways we can meet the needs of customers.

Thanks again for reaching out here.  

Di van Santen

Hi Ashley.

I note you (or Adam) say, "once your course is done, you can download it and it will run anywhere you put it." which is exactly what we'd like to be able to do because many of our learners are in remote locations with bad internet service if any. 

How can I DOWNLOAD a fully developed Rise course that can then run offline for learners?


Crystal Horn

Hello Ayan!  I completely understand.  We don't have plans to offer Rise installations offline.  Here's some information about the privacy of your content, however.

In the meantime, Storyline and Studio 360 both offer offline course building.  And with Content Library featuring slide templates, you can speed up course development by modifying existing layouts to include your content.  ☺️


Some things to consider:

not everyone has access to fast and stable internet. So offline use allows you to edit when the internet is not feasible. 

It can be upgraded to be used offline. Not making it usable offline is a choice. 

Also make it possible to download the project file for use and importation. Why? No server is secure or infallible. You cannot guarantee that the rise project files won’t be hacked or lost under a major server failure. They happen. Allow a person to backup their project files. 

storyline while a wonderful product takes much longer to create and edit projects. This is one reason people like rise.

finally, add text to speech and audio files to all module types. People who can’t read cannot use rise. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, D K. Because Rise is a web-authoring tool, all of the editable content will stay online. All your Rise courses are stored in the site, and our Trust Center includes more detail on our storage, backups, and security.

In case of a disaster, we do practice automated, routine, and frequent data backup and recovery. We encrypt our data backups, and they are stored redundantly across three physically isolated and resource independent locations to ensure high availability.

Finally, we're working to add full screen reader support to Rise 360 so that a learner can have the entire course read to them. Stay tuned for that feature coming soon. 


No company can guarantee their data. Stuff happens, it’s the reason I want my own backup.

not everyone has access to fast and stable internet which is a must for rise. Editing offline is necessary in my location a lot of the time. So basically I am paying for a bunch of apps I cannot use because the internet is not consistently reliable. 

Until rise becomes available for offline use and I can make my own backups I will need to use another software solution. 

Pauline Sebestyen

This may have answered a question I have about a third-party app called Go.Learn. My client currently uses Docebo as their LMS and most of their courses were developed using Storyline 3. They've decided to use Docebo's Go.Learn app to allow learners to view their courses using their mobile devices and offline. I recently created a suite of courses for them using Rise and am having issues with these courses working in the Go.Learn app. Anything that is linked to a website or normally opens in a new browser window doesn't display. We have reached out to Docebo and they said this is not their issue and to reach out to Articulate. With that said, is there a solution or a workaround? 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Pauline. Are the Rise 360 courses uploaded to Docebo as LMS packages? Is the problem that the Rise courses always open in a new browser window?

To be clear, we only support viewing Rise 360 courses directly on supported browsers. I would love to find out more about the difference in behavior between the Storyline and Rise courses in that app, however!

Pauline Sebestyen

Yes, they are uploaded as an LMS Package. I also thought that because Rise acts like a website and opens links and resources in a new browser window that that was the issue. I was thinking that the Go.Learn app was wrapping it in such a way that is all stays within the app BUT then why would links in a Storyline course open in a separate browser?

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