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David Anderson

Interesting question, Joe.

While Rise doesn't have a built-in screencasting tool, I think there are lots of ways you can include screencasts and simulations in Rise.

Peek and Preso: Rise supports embedded video so you can record training videos and screencasts that can be added to your Rise courses.

Labeled Graphic lesson: Rise's labeled graphic lesson is a great way to create interactive screenshots in Rise courses. Using screenshots from a software tool, you can add interactive markers that contain text, audio, and video. 

Process lesson: The process lesson is ideal for walking users through a series of steps to show them how to do something in a software tool.

Sorting Activity: Good way to let users practice identifying which tool or feature will allow them to accomplish a specific task in a tool.

I'll build a quick demo  to show how each of these ideas could work in a Rise course. 

sally pryor

Looking forward to this demo David.

I'm seriously considering subscribing to 360 as I'll start developing a big software training program soon. Rather than using the classic Storyline simulation/interaction features, I'd like to make a Rise-based training site, so these ideas are rather relevant to what I'll need to do.

Michele Liggett

We have a team license for 360 and have created a few training items with Rise. I am trying to use the sorting activity to have the user drag/drop items into one of two categories. However, there seems to be a very limited number of characters available on each item - 80. I did not see any way to expand the size of the item or edit it in any way other than add more items.

James Lavis

So I develop using experiential learning cycles and have made the switch over to rise. Try me elements pose a problem for now if not involving a simulation of some sort. Show me elements have in most cases always been videos as I primarily develop training related to SOP compliance. I would love the ability to use 360 video though :)