Can't find Review 360 created course in Rise 360

Jan 04, 2023

I needed to upload a powerpoint containing audio to my ''Rise 360'' course. So I used Articulate in ppt to create the file, published in ''Review 360''. It does show the file when I entered ''Review 360'' page. But when I try to add it as a block in my ''Rise 360'' course, the published file does not show, the system tells me that no documents there. 

Did I do anything wrong? what should I do?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jianhua!

I'm happy to help! Only Storyline 360 courses published to Review 360 can be added to Rise 360 using Storyline blocks.

I'd recommend importing your PowerPoint into Storyline 360 and then publishing it to Review 360. After that, you'll see the course listed when importing a course from Review 360 into Rise 360.