Vimeo black line underneath video

Jul 06, 2023

I embbeded a Vimeo-video in a Rise-course.

Before I click on the play-button there are black dots showing on each corner (see screenshot1).

After I click on the play-button there is a 1px black line underneath the video (see screenshot2).

So there seems to be an issue with embedding the vimeo-iframe.
How do I get rid of that?

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Gren Foronda

Hi there!

Sorry to hear about this issue with the embedded Vimeo video, and thanks for sharing the screenshots.

I see the black dots in the first screenshot but can't find the lines in the 2nd screenshot. Can you share another screenshot showing the 1-pixel black line?

To investigate further, are you seeing this same behavior in the default Vimeo video when inserting a new Embed block? How about in another Vimeo video in an Embed block?

What web browser are you using? Can you try using a different web browser and see if the same behavior occurs here? 

Looking forward to your response!