VTT file will not upload

Jan 04, 2023

I have a .vtt file for closed captioning that I have used successfully over the past year.  Today I went to add it to a course and it will not upload.  I do get a default file type to upload called "web video text tracks" (see attached screen grab) so I change it to "all files" so I can locate the .vtt file.  I have also attached the vtt file below.

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Lea Agato

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for sharing your files! It looks like your closed caption file has a *.txt file extension (Risenav.vtt.txt), which is why you can't select it for when adding your closed captions.  I renamed it to Risenav.vtt, and I was able to upload it successfully on my Rise video block:

I've attached the renamed version of your file here for your testing.  Let me know how it goes!