What do people use to create participant guides?

Apr 06, 2021

I've been using Rise for about 6 months now and absolutely love it.  That's gotten me to think more about a software program that I could use that would help me create a similar look when creating participant guides.  Up to this point, I've just relied on Microsoft Word.  However, there has to be something better for this, correct?  I would be really interested to hear what you're using - something very easy to use but looks REALLY professional with little effort (i.e. Rise).  Thanks!

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Christopher Yellen

Hi Nick!  I use Word to create my guides, but since I want to encourage note-taking even for learners who aren't using a printed version of the guide, I take the PDF version and run it through Adobe Acrobat's Form builder.  It does a pretty good job of finding the blanks in my document and turning them into fillable form fields.

It isn't perfect - honestly, it usually creates more form fields than I intended. But after a little clean-up, I have an easy to deploy digital version that looks just like the printed version.