What gets included in a Rise SCORM export or a sent copy?

Dec 09, 2020

Hi there,

I have some questions about what is included in a Rise SCORM export or when you send a copy of a Rise course to someone, specifically concerning included storyline content.

I am an ID contractor working for a large organisation. My contract is only for a few months, using a license within the organisation. I am going to create some Rise courses, that will include Storyline interaction. From what I read, the only way to include Storyline, is to link to storyline modules published to my Review account.

These Rise courses will be exported to a SCORM file and then uploaded to the Totara LMS. I will provide all the Storyline project files to the organisation, but don't want any initial Rise content to be reliant on my account...which will be closed or moved on to someone else. That person also could move on at some stage.

I get that as my contract ends, I will need to send someone a copy of the Rise course so that this can be edited in the future...but Storyline changes will (if needed) be done via the Storyline files.

So, here's the questions....

  • When I send a copy of a Rise course to someone, is an instance of any embedded storyline modules included in it? In other words, they get a fully working Rise course (with embedded interactivity) without it being reliant on my account existing?
  • It would only be if they ever needed to update a Storyline module, that they would need to republish (to their Review site) any Storyline modules and then re-link those new versions to the Rise course they now have?
  • In a world where all my work is perfect and unlikely to need changes for some time, does the Rise SCORM include all the content of the storyline interactivity?
  • In other words, can you confirm that a Rise SCORM isn't reliant on a link back to a published storyline module that is present under my account?

I have read this information - https://articulate.com/support/article/How-to-Share-Articulate-Rise-Courses-with-Learners#lms
...but it doesn't detail the connection between Rise exported content and Review storyline content.

Cheers, Phil

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Karl Muller

Hi Phil,

You are correct about publishing your Storyline content to Review. 

Then add a INTERACTIVE/STORYLINE block to your Rise course. This will pull in a copy of the Storyline content from Review 360 into Rise.

Once that has been done, the Storyline content on Review 360 is no longer needed, linked, or referenced by the Rise course. Everything related to the the Storyline content is included in the SCORM file.