What is the RISE LMS Launch File for (SAP SuccessFactors)

Mar 21, 2018

Hello everyone,

I know this is a hot topic and it seems from all the other threads that there is still no answer.  I have published a Rise course for the LMS.  I load the files to SAP I-contnent.  I look in the folder for a launch file but I do not see one in the root folder.   All the threads have stated to use the Indexapi.html file that is located in the Scormdriver folder.  I used this file but, when I launch the course in SAP SuccessFactors I get a blank screen using IE11 and nothing happens when click start course in Chrome.  Has this been looked at by support and if so what is the correct launch file.  this has nothing to do with compatibility mode. 

Thank you

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric,

Looks like I just responded to a similar post here.

Based on another users post:

Problem solved!  I was launching the course using the incorrect html file.  In SuccessFactors learning, the launch URL for the content object must point to  "\scormdriver\indexAPI.html", not "\scormcontent\index.html".  Please circulate this.  Thanks!

It certainly sounds like you're doing it right.

Are you able to replicate an issue in SCORM Cloud?

Ananda V

We did this and course plays but we have other issues..

We are having completion issues with our Rise content in Successfactors LMS. For some users it marks complete but for some it does not, even if all chapters show as completed. 

Is anyone else having these issues? What do you think could be the issue here?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ananda, 

The exit course button may help as it would give users a way to "properly" close the course - some LMSs may work better with that than just closing out the browser window. It's worth giving it a try in SuccessFactors to see if it works better. 

I'd also ask your learners what browser they're using to view the courses. They'll want to use one of the Rise supported browsers.

Crystal Horn

Hi folks! If you're using SuccessFactors, here's some important information about uploading your Rise course. We heard that some of you were being prompted to identify the launch file, so we reached out to SuccessFactors. Here's what they said:

They are not required to pick which file they is set up as the launch file as long as the use the import tool which is available under Content>Tools>Import Content.

They may need to configuration a deployment location if they want to deploy the content files directly to the server.

They should contact the SuccessFactors Customer support if they need help with that.

I hope that helps, and please let us know how you make out. 😊

eric mongrain

Sorry  this is incorrect.  The import method you mention is a legacy import method that does not work anymore.  You now have to have the course loaded to IContent (a SAP server) or an internal server.  When you load with iContent, or an internal server you MUST know what the Launch file is for ANY elearning course.  This is for all Storyline, Presenter, Rise, Captivate courses.  I know the launch file for storyline and presenter, which is index.lms.html and the  file is in the root Zip folder.    I still need to know what the launch file is for RISE. 

Ananda V

Thanks Ashley, we are testing the "exit course" option now and initial tests have shown that it seems to do the trick. But we are planning to allow some time and more users to verify this. 

Another thing, we noticed that when users, after closing the Rise content browser window, clicked on the "Return to content structure" or the "back"  in the Successfactors LMS browser window, then the completion seems to record in the LMS. Again, this is something we are verifying with more users just to confirm. 

Will share what we find out..

Glen Murdock

We've had some issues.  Such as occasional reliability of recording completions, but that may be a combination of API communication drops (lots of WiFi on the go here) along with your standard complement of PEBKAC errors. We're using a Storyline block to track completion. It has worked for me every time I've tested it, and my colleagues have tested it without issue, but we're in optimal conditions (wired LAN, constantly updated machines/browsers, tech savvy users, etc.)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, SibaPrasad. Some users were seeing similar issues with other LMSs and offered this information.

I would check if your content resumes and reports completion properly at SCORM Cloud. We're happy to help with that process if you'd like to open a case. If it does resume and report correctly, please ask if SuccessFactors is working on any changes to support bookmarking and completion in the latest version of Chrome.

Jessa Molyneux

Hi there, 

We have muliple rise courses uploaded into Success Factors. For some modules, there are no issues. For other modules, in 10% of cases the users are not able to complete the course. There are quizzes throughout the courses and when the user completes the final quiz and clicks the final section of the course to exit the module they get bumped to the first quiz and are unable to complete the course.

We have packaged the modules all the same way and so I am wondering if there are best practices for Articulate to Success Factors. I have spoken to the Articulate support engineers, and the module works successfully in SCORM cloud but still we haven't found a solution. I am wondering if anyone has any other advice or suggestions on possible settings or resources I could further research/try?


Lea Agato

Hi Curtis! If you’re uploading your Rise course to SuccessFactors, the launch URL for the content object must point to the scormdriver\indexAPI.html file. You also need to use the import tool, which is available under Content>Tools>Import Content.

Here’s an article from the SuccessFactors help site that you might find helpful.

Let us know here if you need anything else!

Alejandro Garces

Hi @Lea, we are facing the same problem with one of our clients.

We have tried:

1) Exit course button

2) Launch url to point to scormdriver\indexAPI.html

They don't work. Course completion is not recorded.

We've been trying to solve this for 2 months and our client is running out of patience.


Please help!

Felix Horna

Hi All, 

I'm having two issues!

1. When I click "Exit Course", I do not get completion in SAP SuccessFactors. I have ensured that the Content URL points to scormdriver/indexAPI.html. If it matters, we use FileZilla to load our courses into the LMS. 


2. What needs to go in Mobile Filename, for the course to work on mobile? Typically, we have /index_lms_html5.html, but is it different like the Content URL

Any help is greatly appreciated!